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because I said I would – Echoes

The 'because I said I would movement' goes global with it's new chapters called "Echoes."

The ‘because I said I would movement’ goes global with it’s new chapters called “Echoes.”

The program that inspired this year’s CARE Contest – because I said I would – turns three today, but what does that truly mean? Today is the day that Alex Sheen’s father passed away from complications of lung cancer and Sheen decided to change the world.

According to Sheen, his father was an average man who kept his word.

“My father was an average man. He was no war hero. He never wrote a book. He never ran marathons. He was a pharmacist. No recognition. No fame. But for everything that made my father ‘average’ and “everyday,’ there was one thing he did exceptionally well. He kept his promises. My father was a man of his word.”

The day of his father’s funeral Sheen made a decision. A decision to model his own life after his father and to encourage others to do so as well. On that day Sheen handed out for the first time what he would call “promise cards” to help remind people of the importance of their commitments. Simply write a promise on the card and use it as a symbol of your honor. He offered to send ten promise cards to anyone anywhere in the world at no cost to them.

Now the because I said I would movement is going global.

“We are starting because I said I would chapters around the world,” said Sheen. ”Each because I said I would chapter will be called an Echo and will act as a force for good in their respective region.”

What will these Echoes do? Each Echo will make and keep unified promises as a team to help people and causes in their local community, come together to learn about how promises and humanity are affected by history, psychology, philosophy and culture,  learn ways that make us better at keeping promises and work as a support group to help members stick with their individual promises.

Now they need your help. In order to make this global movement happen they need funds to get things started. Want to help? Please go here to donate. They are almost at their fundraising goal!

The Fight Against Cancer – because I said I would

The disease of cancer has touched the lives of both the staff and residents of North Port Village and Burton Place multiple times in the last two years. At North Port Village, team member Heather Lomerson’s journey with the disease began when her sister-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2013 at 37-years-old.  Around the same time, Warren Stewart, North Port Village’s maintenance custodian, was diagnosed with lung cancer.  Then in April 2014 the community took another hit when their assistant manager Beth Hunter was diagnosed with breast cancer. At Burton Place, manager Amy Hill’s life was impacted by cancer when her own mother was diagnosed.

In honor of Stewart and Hunter of North Port Village the teams came together to run and raise money for the Relay for Life. Both Stewart and Hunter were in remission at this point, but unable to participate during continued treatment. Lomerson and Hill were sure to make them their first call when they decided to run the race in their honor.

“I told them that [we] wanted to do this in honor of them and their fight and victory over cancer,” they explained. “I was able to keep their spirits up through updates on their fundraising progress and both were very touched and gave me their blessings.”

The team was also able to raise money for Kiss Cancer Goodbye in collecting monies in a change jar in the office, raffles, a bake sale and a 50/50 drawing and more! By doing these things both communities’ staff and residents were able to raise $2,045.70!

“The silver lining of these stories is that my sister-in-law and Warren are in remission” said Lomerson. “I’m also happy to say that our trusty Assistant Manager Beth is finishing up her final few treatments with her last one in September!”

Great work team North Port Village and Burton Place. Thanks to you another promise was made and kept, because you said you would.