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Just a Spoonful of Sugar

Sugar; it’s something that most Americans eat every single day with almost every bite of each and every meal. Even food you wouldn’t think would have sugar have them but roll under the radar with a multitude of mysterious monikers. Sucrose, dextran, lactose and a slew of others mean just one thing: your body will process it as sugar.

For many of us this doesn’t mean a thing. We go on with our day, eat, drink and create merriment so to speak. But for 9.3 percent of Americans, sugar is a cautionary tale, a dangerous substance and something to bar from our mouths. Twenty-nine million of us have diabetes.

With many of its’ residents bound by the day-to-day restrictions of a life with this affliction, Forest City Enterprises’ Park Place Towers decided to take up this cause by collecting mobile phones and donating them to Fenton, Mich. Children’s diabetic summer camp, Camp Midhicha.

Camp Midhicha works one-on-one with each camper to educate them about self-care and management of their diabetes. This process extends from ordinary daily activities like dietary management to monitoring glucose levels and medication to the intense self-testing, a comprehensive treatment plan and exercise.

These young campers are able to learn at their own pace in tandem with a team of medical professionals to discover new ways to manage their disease and develop a sense of responsibility to themselves and their loved ones. Not only are they given technical and medical procedures to manage their everyday lives, but counselors work to build their confidence and self-esteem in order to better accept the responsibility for day-to-day management.

To date, Park Place Towers has been able to collect 25 phones from their residents and continue to receive more by the day. Their promise is an inspiration to us all, because they said they would!

Promises: Easily Made & Easily Broken

because I said I would.

because I said I would.

Promises: Easily made and easily broken, right?  People suck at keeping promises. Many of our promises are left broken. New Year’s Resolutions are only kept by 8% of people. Only 40-50% of people stay married. Politicians don’t stay true to their word, so why should we? Why are we so bad at keeping these and other promises?

Alex Sheen, founder of because I said I would, a social movement and non-profit dedicated to the betterment of humanity through promises made and kept and an inspiration for Forest City’s CARE Contest, dives into this very question head first at his recent TED Talk.

Why? Why don’t we keep our promises? Is it the amount of information we take in each day? Is it our memory? Are we just reimagining or forgetting the things we commit to one another? Are Hollywood endings giving us unreasonable expectations? Do we actually understand exactly what a promise is?

So how do we make a point of keeping these promises? How do we not break the heart of someone we love? Share your promise. Plan on how to keep a promise to your family, to your friends or your co-workers and actually KEEP it. Watch Sheen’s talk and see how he thinks promises can be made and kept. We owe it to each other. We owe it to ourselves.

“Sometimes we don’t need a miracle. Sometimes we just need people to do what they said they were going to do in the first place; to be there for your friends and your family. To fight for a cause through thick and thin. The promises that we make – make this world.” – Alex Sheen