The Fight Against Cancer – because I said I would

The disease of cancer has touched the lives of both the staff and residents of North Port Village and Burton Place multiple times in the last two years. At North Port Village, team member Heather Lomerson’s journey with the disease began when her sister-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2013 at 37-years-old.  Around the same time, Warren Stewart, North Port Village’s maintenance custodian, was diagnosed with lung cancer.  Then in April 2014 the community took another hit when their assistant manager Beth Hunter was diagnosed with breast cancer. At Burton Place, manager Amy Hill’s life was impacted by cancer when her own mother was diagnosed.

In honor of Stewart and Hunter of North Port Village the teams came together to run and raise money for the Relay for Life. Both Stewart and Hunter were in remission at this point, but unable to participate during continued treatment. Lomerson and Hill were sure to make them their first call when they decided to run the race in their honor.

“I told them that [we] wanted to do this in honor of them and their fight and victory over cancer,” they explained. “I was able to keep their spirits up through updates on their fundraising progress and both were very touched and gave me their blessings.”

The team was also able to raise money for Kiss Cancer Goodbye in collecting monies in a change jar in the office, raffles, a bake sale and a 50/50 drawing and more! By doing these things both communities’ staff and residents were able to raise $2,045.70!

“The silver lining of these stories is that my sister-in-law and Warren are in remission” said Lomerson. “I’m also happy to say that our trusty Assistant Manager Beth is finishing up her final few treatments with her last one in September!”

Great work team North Port Village and Burton Place. Thanks to you another promise was made and kept, because you said you would.

Béisbol, Baseball!

Team Stapleton in Denver, Colorado didn’t have to look very far in making their CARE Contest promise this year at all! Team member Philip Romero, an active church goer and Mission volunteer, inspired the team to assist children in need in Cuba.

Philip planned on traveling to Cuba with his mission group to spread love, faith and happiness. The Stapleton team wanted to provide a simple gift of play through donating baseballs. You may ask, “Why baseballs?” These orphans have little-to-no toys to play with and in Cuba baseball is positively the most popular sport!

So Stapleton signed their promise card and got to it! Philip traveled to Cuba and was able to personally deliver a small piece of hope to each child at the orphanage. What may have seemed like a small gesture meant so much more to the children, Because They Said They Would.